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What sites are made on

What sites are made on, modern technologies used in development

This is a question that should not worry a customer who has contacted a web studio. The main thing is that the site functions in the best possible way and corresponds to the set goals. All sites are classified into two types. The first option is on CMS (paid and free). The second option is a website developed by programmers. In this case, work with frameworks is provided.

CMS and framework

First, let’s figure out what is meant by such concepts. CMS is an excellent solution for creating blogs, information sites, corporate web resources. It is a content management system that solves important tasks. They mean adding, editing and deleting information from the database. Depending on the features, CMS are divided into three types. This refers to the generation of pages on demand, while editing pages and the combined option.

What is a framework? This is a kind of framework designed to develop effective content management systems. A framework is a constructor that a programmer skillfully uses. The specialist collects several modules into a single space and creates a website taking into account the client’s requests. It is characterized by simplicity and high functionality.

Popular CMS

When choosing a content management system, what is being developed is taken into account: a news portal, a corporate web resource, a business card. Based on this, the best option is selected. Popular solutions include:

  • WordPress is a modern tool most often used to create blogs, forums, news resources. It is a flexible and robust platform with many themes and plugins. Its advantages include a simple and intuitive interface, a large selection of solutions, the ability to develop projects of different complexity levels;

  • Joomla is a universal system ideal for creating an online store. It means a set of tools that can be added when the need arises. Joomla is a free CMS that doesn’t require any special knowledge to run. With the help of such a system, content is easily structured and stable work is ensured on most hosting;

  • 1C-Bitrix is ​​a system with several licensed versions. For example, a start or a business. This CMS is designed to create non-standard and complex projects. Its advantages include extensive functionality, a Russified interface, and a high level of security. When using 1C-Bitrix, integration with third-party services and obtaining detailed analytics is possible. Such a system is perfect for developing sites with high traffic;

  • NetCat is a CMS that creates news and corporate projects, as well as online stores and forums. There are many useful tools for accomplishing such tasks. There are more than 100 of them. This is a system of payment for orders, distribution of offers, personal accounts of customers. The advantages of NetCat include resistance to loads, reliable protection against hacking, technical support for any questions;

  • Drupal is a system on which personal blogs and websites of large companies are developed. Its functionality can be increased with additional modules. This allows you to develop sites of any complexity. CMS Drupal has many advantages, which include dynamic menu building, interface localization support, flexible content structuring scheme.

Popular framework

To achieve high results in their work, programmers use frameworks. These are various tools and extensions designed for the development of complex sites. These include:

  • Angular is a framework used to build dynamic web applications. It is developed by Google specialists;

  • React is a great solution for developing mobile apps and single page apps. Its advantages include simplicity and scalability;

  • Meteor JS is a framework for developing simple websites and web applications. It loads pages much faster;

  • Django is a framework that uses the MVC design pattern. The main features of such a platform are speed, security and a library for working with different forms;

  • Laravel is a free framework that develops small sites and web resources for large organizations. Its hallmarks are flexibility and simplicity.

When developing sites, advanced technologies and modern CMS are used. In each case, a web studio specialist offers the best solution that meets the client’s needs, budget and goals to be achieved.

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