“Why is it so expensive?” We explain to the client what the cost of SEO consists of

“Why is it so expensive?” We explain to the client what the cost of SEO consists of

Promotion using search engines is already a common thing, many users even understand what SEO is, there is some knowledge. However, the knowledge is insufficient, so clients have no idea what to pay big money for, why companies providing such services charge large sums for their work within the range of 15-100 thousand rubles / month.

The main task in the role of a performer is to clearly explain the differences between cheap and expensive promotion, to highlight the criteria why the salary for website design is a big contribution to the long-term income of the client. All methods can be divided into “long” and “short”. In the first case, the techniques are used for the purpose of familiarization, making phone calls. The second options are suitable for conversations after performing a small audit, as well as a detailed acquaintance with the client’s resource or full-fledged business.

Simple calculation of price and work

The average price for 1 hour of SEO master’s work is 700-1000 rubles. Based on the number for 15 thousand rubles. it is almost impossible to buy quality and effective promotion. The work is regarded as cheap and will take about 18 hours, of which 80-85% of the time is spent on studying the site. Using a similar model, effectiveness and the first tangible results will appear in 2 years or more.

What does cheap promotion mean?

The essence of this concept is based on several principles:

  1. The project is carried out by novice craftsmen who do not have enough experience.
  2. One specialist works with the site and its promotion, but even a master of his craft cannot simultaneously perform all tasks, including promotion, programming, printing texts. It is impossible to do this in a short time and quickly for one person.
  3. SEO firms work with a large number of clients who are looking for cheap website promotion. As a result, the wizards do not have the time to properly analyze the resource, the customer’s business and identify options for improvement.

Comparison of own work with the customer’s business

If you start comparing these data, you can see that there are goods or services, all or some of them are higher in value than their competitors. This is because there is better quality, convenient operation, improved reliability, experience and guarantees. The same applies to SEO services. The work may be the same, but the volume and quality are significantly different.

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Modern SEO principles are easily compared to cars. There are many options, they all drive the same way, but to increase comfort, safety and more, you have to buy a more expensive option.

Detailed explanation of when they studied the customer’s site better

After carrying out the initial work with the site, studying its features, a general understanding emerges of what kind of work is needed for promotion. It remains to explain this to the customer, to show that there are no pitfalls, and the invested funds will actually be used for work, and not for the development of the agency and its owners.

The minimum contract period is six months, during this period about 1000 hours are used for the project, the whole team works, on average 170 hours are needed per month for normal progress.

The main stages of work on the project

Effective promotion involves several basic steps, each of which should be given sufficient time and attention.

Important little things

Includes 4 hours of SEO wizard. The bottom line is to eliminate problems, carry out the necessary work that could have been previously with the site. The project is added to Yandex.Directory and Google Addresses, the resource is bound to the region, robots, sitemap and others are checked.

Analytics setup

It takes 10 hours of analyst activity. With the help of a specialist, Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, a map of clicks, visits are configured, goals are determined.

Compilation of the semantic core

It takes about 25 hours of work for an SEO wizard. Based on the direction, there can be a huge number of requests, measured in tens of thousands. In this case, parsing and filtering takes several months. During compilation, many pages are examined to capture people’s preferences.

Global site analysis

It takes SEO skills and 15 hours to complete. The audit is carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. Code quality.
  2. Links.
  3. Site reputation for search engines.
  4. Content quality.
  5. Resource structure.
  6. Usability.
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Study of competitors

It takes 12 hours of SEO master’s employment. During the study, the issues of convenience and speed of loading pages are considered, the reference mass, the quality of information, additional solutions, functions are determined.

Definition with content

SEO master, copywriters, designers are involved in the work, 30 hours are enough. The tactics are created based on the analysis of competitors, the audience who need information. After that, the main questions are determined:

  1. The type of texts for the resource. These can be small selling articles and large informational articles for a “blog”, advertising types of texts are created for third-party sites.
  2. Update frequency. An essential item to improve your ranking.
  3. Additional information, besides text – photos, videos, tables, a block with comments or reviews, etc.

Text task

To draw up the technical assignment, you need 10 hours of SEO master’s employment. Together with the client, a common solution should be found on a number of issues:

  1. Determination of the site structure.
  2. Do we need new pages, if so, which ones.
  3. The appearance of landing pages.
  4. The need for additional features.
  5. What is the best way to post information.

Writing texts

The work is done on an ongoing basis. Initially, texts are written out for pages that need to be promoted or optimization is done for key queries of the posted content. If necessary, the text is added.

The next step is to write articles, news and useful information for the blog, content is done for third-party resources. The client needs to be told that the cost of a quality article is high. Remote employees who work for 100 rubles / 1000 characters are able to create competent texts, but they do not delve into the essence of the business, its features.

Registration in catalogs

The link manager works for 10 hours. Registration allows:

  1. Get “real” link mass.
  2. Search engines trust more.
  3. Attendance (traffic) is increasing.

Buying links

A regular task with a purchase plan of 3 hours. If a cheaper promotion option is used, then the links are used temporary on unverified resources. They turn out to be the most ineffective, but worse – the ban of the site by search engines. The second option uses eternal links to trusted resources. Links are fixed in social. networks, articles and are advertising, give more visitors.

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At the end, a detailed report on the completed tasks is generated. It takes 8 hours of work for the whole team. After summing up the results, an action plan for the new month is created.

Support after the main completed tasks

The action is performed on an ongoing basis, the list of services includes:

  1. Constantly updating the site with articles and other content.
  2. Analysis of visits and behavior on the site for improvements.
  3. Evaluation of competitors, because they are able to make improvements at any moment.
  4. Buying links.
  5. The semantic core is reviewed every quarter, and the effectiveness of queries is assessed.

The priority of the described tasks is directly related to the main activity, the topic of the site.

Salary overview

Studying the average salaries in Russia in the SEO environment, the following results are obtained:

  1. SEO master – 35-70 thousand rubles.
  2. Web programmer – 40-70 thousand rubles.
  3. Analyst – 50-100 thousand rubles
  4. Copywriter – 20-30 thousand rubles.
  5. Content manager – 20-30 thousand rubles
  6. Link manager – 20-30 thousand rubles.
  7. Site manager – 50-60 thousand rubles.

In addition to salaries, there are link costs. Even when using the lower limit of wages from the described category, you can see that it is impossible to invest in all the work for 20 thousand rubles / month. The solution may be to split the required activity into small parts, but the effectiveness of promotion will take a very long time.

And a little about dumping

Paradoxically, the SEO teams themselves prevent each other from doing well. This is caused by dumping in the market. Some clients believe that reaching the TOP in a couple of weeks with a personal approach and completing all the work is possible for 15,000 rubles, so after a low-quality, “cheap” promotion, it becomes clear that it is better to pay more money, but the effect will be many times better.

Lane Derrick

My name is Lane Derrick, back in 2014, he began to take an interest in SEO and webmastering, and started real projects six months later. For 6 years of practice, skills were formed that I use to this day. The main activity is website promotion and contextual advertising.

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